Are you due for
a check-up?

Thanks to world-first artificial intelligence, you can now get a free, fast dental check-up from the comfort of your home using the Pearlii App.

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A women doing a Pearlii AI-powered Check-up
How can Pearlii help you?
Compare and track AI Check-Up results

Tracking to improve
your habits.

AI Check-Ups are all free

Free check-ups from the
comfort of your own home.

Personalised suggestions

Expert tips and
personalised suggestions.

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What is a Pearlii Check-Up?

Enjoy tailored oral health advice, that is free, fast and available 24/7.

Thanks to our world-first technology, a Pearlii Check-Up requires just five quick photos, taken with your smartphone.

  1. Take 5 photos of your teeth.

  2. Get instant results and advice.

  3. Track and improve your smile.

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Explore the Pearlii App

Checkup dashboard
Start a Pearlii challenge!

Create a winning smile with fun Pearlii challenges.

Caring for your teeth doesn't have to be a chore. Take up a free challenge and find new ways to create a healthier routine.

Choose your
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Track your progress
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Booking Map
Easily connect with local dentists

Sick of waiting on hold to book a dental appointment?

With the Pearlii App, you can enjoy a fuss-free booking process with just a few clicks.

See local dentists on a map
Browse local dentists on a live map
See dentist bios
Explore each dentist’s bio
Live bookings
Check their availability & book instantly
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Exclusive podcasts and blogs

It's not just about teeth!

Listen to a podcast

Pearlii Podcast.

Hosted by Dr Kyle Turner, the Pearlii Podcast interviews experts on everything from brushing and flossing, to laughing and lying.

Read a blog

Pearlii Post

Our expertly-curated blogs detail the best tips, tricks and advice. The Pearlii Post gathers the best advice from around the globe, and delivers it in bite-sized articles.

Whitening Challenge
Guided whitening support

The optimised way to track your whitening journey.

The Pearlii Whitening Challenge takes just seven days, and includes step-by-step instructions, alongside daily self-care activities.

12 minute timer

12 minute in-app whitening timer.

Track your progress with photos

Progress photos to monitor your treatment.

Schedule personalised refills

Personalised refill recommendations for your on-going whitening schedule.

Meaningful and mindful activities

Self-care activities to fill your 12 minutes: stretching flows, brain training games, beauty rituals and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

So... What is Artificial Intelligence?

Put simply, machine learning is a type of AI, where we feed the machine data to help it improve itself. Machine learning trains an algorithm so it can learn how to make decisions.

What research are you doing to improve and test your technology?

Pearlii has multiple dentists onboard to test and improve our technology. We are also in the process of conducting academic research (e.g. validity and reliability studies) to better understand our technology's capabilities and limitations against a standard, in-person clinical assessment with and without x-ray. We plan to adopt an open-source approach to our research and to publish findings in peer-reviewed academic journals.

See more FAQs

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