Free Dental Check-Ups

Take charge of your oral health

Most dental problems are preventable with  good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Having said that, we realise regular dental check-ups might not be as straightforward as dental hygiene for everyone. Budget constraints, busy schedule, geographical limitations are just some of the factors that might keep people from being as regular as they would like to be.

Our AI-powered dental check-up helps people during those times when they can’t make it to the dentist. All you need is a mirror, smartphone and 10 minutes. Yes, it is exactly as easy as it sounds!

Currently Pearlii offers AI-powered dental check-ups, which are absolutely free and always will be!

Get your personalised results

Our AI scans your photos for common dental problems and generates a personalised result which will include -

Potential dental issues detected by our AI

A "Routine Rating" to reflect your oral hygiene habits

Suggestions for improving your "Routine Rating"

All you need is

phone animation

A Smartphone

mirror animation

A Mirror

clock animation

10 Minutes