Our mission is to improve oral health around the globe

Pearlii was born out of the belief that dental care is essential - though many people do not have access to the dental care they need.

We want to make oral care more effective and accessible worldwide - whilst also reducing its impact on the environment.

Our Story

Woman using dental floss in her top teeth

The problems are widespread

and the solutions are complicated

Icon of woman holding her cheek in discomfort due to oral health issue

Oral diseases affect approximately
3.5 billion people1

Neglecting oral health can lead to serious health issues, affecting the quality of life of millions

Icon of face with a drooping flower to indicate anxiety, low self-esteem and depression

Oral disease & tooth loss can lead to mental & physical health problems2

Oral diseases often result in tooth loss, which can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety and depression

Icon of Earth, with a small fraction to represent countries with full dental care in public health plans

Only 12 countries include full dental care in their public health plans3

And where dental care is provided, it is often expensive, and out of reach for many people

Icon of rubbish bin with toothbrushes inside rubbish bin

Each year, 30 million toothbrushes are thrown away in Australia4

And once in landfill, they can take up to 500 years or more to decompose

Woman placing her Mosobrush inside a Mosobrush Case

We know the importance of good oral health and dental care first hand, and want to make sure everyone has access to it

Pearlii was founded on the belief that by facilitating better oral hygiene practices, improving accessibility to dental care, and developing sustainable oral care products, we could make a positive difference to human health, and the environment, globally.

Our founder started Pearlii after growing up without proper oral health care

Close up of Pearlii founder Dr Kyle Turner

A note from our founder, Dr Kyle Turner

“I grew up in a poor Aboriginal family in country New South Wales, Australia, where access to dental services was almost non-existent.

A lot of the damage was done to my teeth during that time, from growing up with such poor oral health behaviours.

With dentistry heavily privatised, we need low-cost alternatives to routine dental check-ups, as well as accessible, timely preventive dental advice.

I use those memories as fuel to make Pearlii a success.”

Kyle Turner

Founder, Pearlii

PhD in Epidemiology at Oxford University

Pearlii’s mission is to improve oral health around the world. So how are we doing this?

Dentist and founder of The Dental Truck, Dr Jalal Khan, sitting in drivers seat of a dental truck


Pearlii Foundation

Pearlii products display photo showing Zero Waste Whitening Toothpaste, Mosobrush sitting in Mosobrush Stand and Mosobrush Case


Oral Care Collection

Hand holding smartphone with Pearlii Check-Up App displayed on screen


AI-Powered Check-Ups

We donate 50% of profits to the Pearlii Foundation

The Pearlii Foundation, set up by our founder Dr Kyle Turner, is our charitable arm, designed to carry out a variety of community dental projects around the globe. Our aim is to directly help those who don't have access to, or can't afford dental care.

To do this, we are fundraising towards our Dental Truck Project. With 50% of profits going towards this project, we will be providing essential ‘on the ground’ dental care, to make a real difference, to real people.

The Pearlii Dental Trucks will be large, fully-equipped dental surgeries on wheels
The Pearlii Dental Trucks will be large, fully-equipped dental surgeries on wheels
Above: As seen in this mock-up, the Pearlii Dental Trucks will be large, fully-equipped dental surgeries on wheels.

What is the
Dental Truck Project?

Think of it as a dentist clinic on wheels.

Our fleet of Dental Trucks will travel to remote locations, providing dental care to less privileged individuals and communities, giving dental assistance to those without access.

50% of profits will go towards purchasing new vehicles, dental materials, and operational costs.

With the support of some of Australia’s most respected impact investors, such as Roger Allen and Paul Docherty, our Dental Trucks will be staffed by our volunteer dentists.

By using Dental Trucks, we can take first-class dental care directly to those who need it. We believe this model of care is the most flexible, and most cost-effective.

Drone image of Dental Truck driving on dirt road in Australian outback

“Dental trucks can help thousands of people each year - people who can’t afford or access a dentist. This type of free service is life-changing for these people in need.”

Dentist and founder of The Dental Truck, Dr Jalal Khan, sitting in drivers seat of a dental truck

Dr Jalal Khan

Ambassador of The Pearlii Foundation

Dentist & Founder of The Dental Truck

The Pearlii
Oral Care Collection

To get our Dental Trucks up and running, we have developed a range of premium & eco-friendly oral care products, to help you achieve your best oral care routine.

We will donate 50% of all profits from our oral care collection to the Pearlli Foundation and the Dental Truck project, which serves to carry out our mission of improving oral health around the globe.

Pearlii products display photo showing the Pearlii Oral Care Collection, including Biofloss Easy Picks, Mosobrush in Mosostand, Mosocase, Home Teeth Whitening Kit, and Gel Refills

We care about

Our range of products aim to minimise waste, with sustainability at the heart of our design.

By using recyclable, biodegradable & compostable materials, we are doing our part to reduce harmful waste.

Our products are also vegan and cruelty free.

Comparison image of a Pearlii Mosobrush and plastic tootbrush, showing how the Pearlii Mosobrush is eco-friendly

Download the Pearlii App for free AI-powered dental check-ups

With dentists being expensive and out of reach for many, our app provides free dental check-ups to anyone with a phone.

Using world-first AI technology, a Pearlii Check-Up requires five quick photos, which detects issues including tooth decay, gum redness, staining, calculus and white spots.

Hand holding smartphone with Pearlii Check-Up App displayed on screen

A Pearlii Check-Up takes just three steps

  1. Take 5 photos of your teeth

    All you need is a phone and mirror

  2. Instant results and advice

    Results and personalised advice in minutes

  3. Track and improve your smile

    Track and compare your progress over time

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Our goals by 2030

We have ambitious goals, and want to change oral care around the world, for the better

Icon of a heart and dollar sign, to represent Pearlii's goal of donating 10 million dollars to the Pearlii Foundation

$10 million donated to the Pearlii Foundation

Icon of a truck, to represent Pearlii's goal of having 10 dental trucks operational worldwide

10 Dental Trucks operational worldwide

Icons of mobile phones and apps, to represent Pearlii's goal of having 100 million Pearlii App downloads

10 million
Pearlii App downloads


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