Our Story

Meet the Founder

Pearlii was founded by Dr Kyle Turner, an epidemiologist and public health academic.

“I grew up in a poor family in country New South Wales, Australia, where access to dental services was almost non-existent.

Fast forward to today, and although I now have good personal oral hygiene, a lot of damage has already been done: tooth decay, fillings, fractures, internal staining, extractions… Very painful and very expensive!

So, I created Pearlii. I don’t want any other child to grow up with bad teeth, especially when I know that we now have the technology to do something about it.”

Enter, Pearlii...

Pearlii removes that economic barrier to entry among others. It gives people access to free, fast dental check-ups that are available 24-7 and from the convenience of their own home.

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Hover over the phone to see what really inspired Kyle to create Pearlii!
Tap on the phone to see what really inspired Kyle to create Pearlii!

Meet the Team

When we are not working on the app, we’re hounding friends and family about dental check-ups. Yes, we have turned into our mothers!

Miguel Escribano
Ruoding Tian
ML Engineer
Dr Jomy Jose
R&D Support
Olivia Mckay
UX/UI Designer
Etienne Gabard
Ionic Developer
Anuradha Deshmukh
Content & Marketing
Larissa Solaiman
Graphic Designer
Office Support