What type of phone do I need?

Pearlii is designed to support any smartphone with Android version 5.0 or later and iOS  11+.

How much does a Pearlii dental check-up cost?

Zip. Zero. Zilch.

Pearlii dental check-up is free!

I am using the Pearlii app, does that mean I don't have to go to the dentist anymore?


Pearlii does not replace a dentist. Dentists will always be the gold standard. If you have dental pain or discomfort, we urge you to visit a dental practice as soon as possible.

Having said that, we understand that a busy schedule, budget constraints and poor geographical access are some of the things that keep people from going to the dentist. We made Pearlii to help people during the times they can’t get to the dentist.
Note: Pearlii is NOT a diagnostic tool, it is a screening and educational tool.

What research are you doing to improve and validate your technology?

Pearlii has multiple dentists onboard to test, improve and validate our technology. We are also in the process of conducting academic research (e.g. validity and reliability studies) to better understand our technology’s capabilities and limitations against a standard, in-person clinical assessment with and without x-ray. We plan to adopt an open-source approach to our research and to publish findings in peer-reviewed academic journals.

How long do I have to wait for my check-up results?

Pearlii results are instant.

After filling a quick questionnaire, you will be asked to take 5 dental photos in front of a mirror (e.g. in the bathroom) with your smartphone camera.  Our cutting-edge machine learning algorithm will scan your dental photos for common dental problems and generate your result in just seconds.

How does it work?
  • We encourage you to brush your teeth before starting.
  • You’ll begin by filling a small questionnaire. This helps us better assess your case.
  • Next up, you will be asked to take 5 photos of your teeth (from different angles) using your smartphone’s main camera. We need the flash for clear pictures so you won’t be able to use your selfie camera.
  • Don’t worry, we have easy-to-follow instructions (and a quick demo) to help you get the perfect shot of your pearlii whites.
  • Our machine learning algorithm will scan your dental photos and generate a result along with advice tailored to your results.
Do I need any special equipment for check-up?

No. All you need is a mirror and your smartphone.

We encourage you to brush your teeth before the check-up.

Is my data secure?

Pearlii is taking the necessary precautions to ensure your data is secure in the cloud.

We have internal policies to ensure operational security and minimise the processing of your personal data.

All the data used for machine learning is anonymised.

Still have a question? Contact us directly!