Our Impact

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Our mission is to improve oral health around the globe.

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Oral diseases are largely preventable and can be easily treated in their early stages. However, billions of people have no or very limited access to dental care or basic health education.

So, we’re doing something to help fix this.

We’ve developed world-first AI technology that provides free, fast dental check-ups, along with free oral health education tailored to individual results.

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Furthermore, Pearlii is giving back 50% of its profits to provide free dental surgery for people who can’t afford or access a dentist.

You can help us to achieve our mission by simply purchasing one of our premium, eco-friendly oral care products, which we deliver direct to your doorstep.

Dentistry is out of reach of billions


Only 12 countries include full dental care in their public health plans.


Oral diseases affect
nearly 3.5 billion people.


Tooth decay is the most common health condition in the world.

What we are doing about it

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1. The Pearlii Foundation

The Pearlii Foundation was established by our founder, Dr Kyle Turner, in order to support a variety of community dental projects around the globe, helping people who don't have access or can't afford dental care.

Currently, all donations are going directly to purchasing our own fleet of Pearlii Dental Trucks to provide free, professional dental care to less privileged individuals.

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2. Pearlii App

Track your oral health. Anytime. Anywhere. With free AI-powered dental check-ups, Pearlii is making oral health accessible for everyone.

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3. Education

Free, expert oral health advice, no matter your location, available 24-7. Just download the Pearlii App or check out our library of blogs.

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Our goals by the year 2030

Pearlii is still a relatively young company, but we’re facing the big issues in oral healthcare head on, like a dog with a bone.

A phone showing the Pearlii App
10 million Pearlii App downloads
Profits donated
$10 million donated to The Pearlii Foundation
A Pearlii Dental Truck
10 Dental Trucks operational worldwide


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