What type of toothbrush are you?

By Team Pearlii2 min read
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Take this quiz to find out how you scrub up! You won’t believe how accurate it is!

What's your favourite finger food?

A) Meat Pie
B) Smoked salmon blini
C) Chips
D) Falafel

What's your Friday night drink?

A) Whiskey neat
B) Champagne
C) Anything on tap
D) Kombucha

Where do you holiday?

A) Tokyo
B) Paris
C) Hawaii
D) Byron Bay

What's your dream dog?

A) Ex-police sniffer dog
B) Cavoodle
C) Border collie
D) Rescue greyhound

What's your superpower?

A) Super speed
B) Shape shifting
C) Ability to fly
D) Can speak to animals

What's your excuse for being late?

A) “Late? I’m never late!”
B) “I was getting my hair done...“
C) “I lost track of time, oops!”
D) “Flat tyre on my bike, sorry…”

What shade of blue are you?

A) Royal Blue
B) Eggshell
C) Navy Blue
D) Turquoise

What's your spirit animal?

A) An eagle
B) A lion
C) A sloth
D) A panda

Mostly As: You are a hands-free toothbrush: You work smarter, not harder. Spreadsheets and automation are your jam. Efficiency is your middle name.

Mostly Bs: You are an electric toothbrush: You are all class and you know what you want. You like the finer things in life and nothing feels better than fresh, clean linen sheets.

Mostly Cs: You are a traditional toothbrush: You are down to earth and easy-going. You always get the job done without ruffling any feathers. Everyone wants to be your friend.

Mostly Ds: You are a bamboo toothbrush: You’re an animal lover and know your way around a recycling bin. You have ambitions of owning a worm farm and growing organic vegetables.

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